Resisting the designs of major powers
The signing of the Geneva Accords in 1954 is a seminal event in Vietnamese history that offers a crucial lesson - knowing the full story is crucial for understanding behind-the-scenes manipulation by big powers.
Coconut King bound for Truong Sa glory
What he is about to do with them is a job that only a man like him, with a passion, mission and unlimited enthusiasm for the job could accomplish.
Vietnamese Vespa lovers hit European roads
Members of the Ha Noi Vespa Club set a record by becoming the first aficionados of the iconic Italian scooter from Southeast Asia to attend a four-day global meet in Italy. Lan Dung reports on their experience
Few sign up for voluntary insurance
The national voluntary social insurance programme aims to provide insurance to society's most vulnerable groups, but many intended beneficiaries are uninformed or unable to participate. Hong Thuy reports.
Revelations from an ancient civilisation
Archaeologists have uncovered scores of artefacts left by the Sa Huynh people, who lived in the central region thousands of years ago. They will soon be on display in Quang Ngai. Vo Quy Cau reports.
Legendary scholar makes valuable donation
Arevolutionary turned intellectual, professor Le Quang Long has made many contributions to the country's scientific community. His latest:a vast collection of documents. Lan Anh and Ha Nguyen report.
Stem cell facials may be trendy, but do they work?
While many wealthy consumers are lighting up at the chance to try ‘skin rejuvenation' using stem cells, the expensive therapy might not deliver on all its promises. Hong Thuy reports.
Poland offers fruitful lessons in agriculture
Viet Nam's fruit industry can learn a lot from the example of Poland, which became a top apple exporter while preserving its small farms. Improving post-harvest technology is also critical for boosting fruit exports.
Journalist writes her way to success
Hien said that many Vietnamese students have the financial ability and learning capacity, but they still lack information and professional support services.
Entrepreneur creates homes of her dreams
After seeing photographs of dollhouses, Vu Mai Linh became infatuated with the miniature homes. Today, in addition to her day job, she runs a growing dollhouse-building business. An Vu reports.
That is the amount of time that fisheries surveillance force members have been working in the East Sea to ensure safety for fishermen and their vessels, oversee the country's fisheries resources and protect the country's waters.


China continues East Sea aggression China continues East Sea aggression

China continued to maintain its illegal presence and aggression in Vietnamese waters yesterday as more condemnation of its actions came from US and Philippine officials.

Single father's formula for mother's milk 6    Single father's formula for mother's milk

The baby began to cry just as the taxi started moving.Trinh Tuan was at a loss. He had no previous experience of taking care of any baby, and here he was, alone with his 14-day-old baby daughter for the first time, going home from the Tu Du Hospital in HCM City.

BIDV funds $53 million road in Laos 1    BIDV funds $53 million road in Laos

The Bank for Investment and Development of Viet Nam (BIDV) will lend US$53.16 million to Laos to help the country build a road in its northern province of Houaphanh.

Delta faces major water crisis Delta faces major water crisis

More efforts must be made to efficiently manage and use scarce water resources of the Mekong River as climate change and rapid development to produce electricity have threatened its sustainability.

Three guys, one camera, an Irish goal Three guys, one camera, an Irish goal

It has been difficult getting back to normal life for Iain McNamara and his peers after their one-year trip through 22 countries.