President Sang urges renewed growth
Viet Nam should renovate its growth model and facilitate economic restructuring in order to make the national economy more competitive and achieve rapid growth, says President Truong Tan Sang.
Ao dai represents Vietnamese identity
Outside Viet Nam, the conical hat represents the country's farmers, devastated by war and its consequences. Very few people actually wear them.
Old songs still resound in central region
Nghe Tinh residents don't need to know that vi giam folk songs have been granted World Heritage status to appreciate them. They still sing them every day, despite the modernisation wiping out the songs' original rural home. Phuoc Buu reports.
Mekong flower town enjoys growing fame
Sa Dec Town has specialised in flowers for more than a century. Today, Dutch knowhow is developing this longstanding tradition. Thien Ly reports.
East Sea fisherman takes pride in career
More than three decades after working at sea, fisherman Nguyen Quoc Chinh is familiar with each island and navigates the Hoang Sa (Paracels) waters as easily as people might locate houses on the mainland.
Leaping into 2015 with great expectations, high hope
People born in the Year of the Goat discuss their lives, careers and hopes for the coming year. Thu Trang reports.ople hope that the Year of Goat will bring them luck, happiness and prosperity.
Vietnamese puppetry in global spotlight
Nhip Dieu Que Huong (Homeland Melody), staged by the Viet Nam Puppetry Theatre, won the grand prize at the Harmony World Puppet Carnival in Bangkok last year – the highest international award that Vietnamese puppetry performers have ever received. Bui Quynh Hoa reports.
Blazing new trails
Inspired by Mark Twain's call to "sail away from safe harbour", a young Vietnamese entrepreneur quit his day job, opened a cafe and began an adventure travel business. Xuan Hiep reports.
Businessman amasses historic wealth
Nguyen Ngoc Khoi won a Guinness World Record for his collection of ancient money, which includes many rare coins from Viet Nam as well as other countries. Hoang Trung Hieu reports.
Tet dishes offer taste of past New Years
Tet dishes have special significance as they reflect the Vietnamese tradition of each family member expressing their personal progress, happiness and professional prosperity through the tray of dishes.
Roadblocks litter the path of the ‘disabled'
Since most public infrastructure facilities are designed without the needs of people with disabilities in mind, their difficulties in traversing big city streets, entering buildings and enjoying outdoor recreational areas are magnified. Thankfully, some new initiatives are helping them navigate their home cities with greater ease. Le Huong reports.


Wild peach branches disappear as demand rises Wild peach branches disappear as demand rises

It's hard to find ancient wild peach branches on sale in the northern mountainous province of Son La, due to their overexploitation by the local people.

Flower Road to be opened today Flower Road to be opened today

The Flower Road in HCM City's Ham Nghi Street will be opened to the public at 7pm today. Viet Nam News photographer Van Dat presents different images of the Flower Road, as seen through his lens.

Vietnamese consumer confidence "largely intact": Economist Vietnamese consumer confidence "largely intact": Economist

Vietnamese consumers started 2015 with their confidence broadly unchanged after a tumultuous 2014, ANZ Bank Economist Glenn Maguire said in a recent report.

Viet Nam ranks 10th worldwide in remittances Viet Nam ranks 10th worldwide in remittances

Viet Nam was among the top 10 countries in the world with the largest amount of remittances from abroad last year, with around US$12 billion, according to the Western Union company, which handles money transfers worldwide.

Viet Nam sit at 137th in world football rankings Viet Nam sit at 137th in world football rankings

Viet Nam jumped up four steps in international football rankings, according to FIFA's latest list.