Busking enlivens Ha Noi's old quarter
Authorities in the capital city seem to have hit on a win-win plan to promote the nation's folk traditions - encouraging artists to perform at street corners. Hong Thuy speaks to both performers and bystanders.
When love is a cat and mouse game
Writer Nguyen Van Toai expressed much interest in Hoa's cartoons and in particular, recalled enjoying one of them, entitled Bicycle. "The film is quite simple but I like it so much because the bicycle overcame many obstacles, including a large one, namely a buffalo," Toai said.
Pianist & music professor goes zither-tither
So it is strange for audiences to see a man in a suit playing zither. Another strange thing is that the man, a pianist and music professor in France, has played zither in renowned concerts in the United States and Europe alongside musicians of stringed Western string instruments such as the violin and cello.
Messrs. Fix It are fishermen's heroes
For the Mechanic, Electrician and Engineer, helping others comes as naturally as their expertise, which they picked up without any formal training. Doan Cuong and Le Trung look at what makes them tick.
Shipwrecks reveal ancient trade routes
Many centuries-old shipwrecks lie beneath the waves in Quang Ngai, conveying new information about the past. Bui Hoai Nam reports.
Math prodigy doubles as prizewinning pianist
Teachers and students of Viet Nam National University's HCM City School for Gifted Students have anointed student Pham Tuan Huy as "the golden boy of mathematics".
Clock collector keeps timepieces ticking
Ngo Dung traded his lucrative business career for the unique joys of hunting down antique clocks. Trung Hieu reports.
Companies fail to protect workers' health
Government efforts to ensure labour health and safety are enacted under Clause 152 of the Amended Code of Labour, which requires employers to conduct periodic health check-ups for all employees, including regular and temporary workers as well as trainees.
Escaping a fate that's worse than death
The most rewarding illegal trade after drugs and weapons, human trafficking flourishes in the fertile soil of poverty and ignorance. A mere law and order approach cannot solve this problem, experts say.
A 'samurai' of the seas and a samaritan
A superhero to those whose lives he has saved, Pham Hong Hai simply says that an army man never abandons his mates. Bach Van and Ha Nguyen reports.
The Buddha inspires bamboo root sculptures
A craftsman waiting to be saved from floodwaters sees the Enlightened One in floating bamboo roots and finds himself pursuing a new vocation. Nguyen Ha Nam calls on the artist and listens to his story.


Singaporeans unite to help scammed Vietnamese tourist Singaporeans unite to help scammed Vietnamese tourist

The assistance that Singaporeans gave a Vietnamese tourist who was scammed when he bought an iPhone 6 in Singapore has earned much attention and applause from Vietnamese newspapers and netizens.

Old apartments remain in state of disrepair Old apartments remain in state of disrepair

There are more than 1,500 old apartment buildings at risk of collapse across Viet Nam, but in the last decade, only five per cent were rebuilt.

Province backs cable car to cave 1    Province backs cable car to cave

Authorities in central Quang Binh Province have given the go ahead for a highly controversial cable car system connecting various sites in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park to the world's biggest cave, Son Doong.

Edward Scissorhands among free outdoor films Edward Scissorhands among free outdoor films

Saigon Outcast will hold two free Thursday outdoor film screenings this month.

Tax not the solution to online gaming issue 1    Tax not the solution to online gaming issue

A 10 per cent tax on the online gaming industry recently proposed by the Ministry of Finance aims to address the connection between the increase in gaming addiction and game-related crimes among youngsters by charging them more to fuel their addiction.