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Update: April, 21/2010 - 09:49

Dear Viet Nam News,

You have successfully provided me with answers to questions in the past so I thought I'd try again.

I am married to a Vietnamese woman and we have a house here together. I would like to import some private (used) household appliances from my home-country in the EU such as furniture and tools etc, all for private use only.

I'd also like to import my car (Audi A6, 2001 model) for general private use here in Viet Nam.

If possible, please inform me of any import taxes and/or duties and other formalities.

Best regards,

Peter Larsson

Dear Peter,

Regarding your questions, we contacted Vu Viet Duc, Deputy Director of the Customs Supervision and Control Department, to find out the answers.

Duc said that with regards to your household items, it would depend on how you completed your immigration form when you arrived in Viet Nam. You would not be able to import your goods if you stated that you didn't have any items to declare. However if you did, you could import them in the future but there is a time limit. Duc did not give a specific timeline, but he did say that you must have a good reason for having them imported so long after you arrived here.

Regarding your car, you cannot bring it into Viet Nam if you are living in the country for no specific purpose. Under Vietnamese regulations, used cars can only be imported if they are a maximum of five years old by the time they are declared at Viet Nam Customs so your 2001 series car is too old to import.

However, if you are living here under a state agency's attestation, you can bring your car and other effects to Viet Nam without having to pay tax. In that case, as stated in the joint circular No.03/2001/TTLT-TCHQ-BNG of the General Department of Customs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you should have a written attestation by the head of a Vietnamese State agency or by the person authorised by the above-said head of a Vietnamese State agency with a list of the personal effects for temporary duty-free import.

The time-limit for duty-free temporary import of goods is stipulated as follows:

– For people whose working duration in Viet Nam lasts between 12 months and 24 months, the time-limit for tax-free temporary import of goods is 6 months before the above-said duration expires.

– For people whose working duration in Viet Nam is 24 months or more, the time-limit for tax-free temporary import of goods is 12 months before the above-said duration expires.

For further information, you can contact the department directly at No.162, Nguyen Van Cu Street, Long Bien District.

Duc said that you could fill in a form stating your resident and working status and list the items that you wish to bring into the country in both English and Vietnamese.

They would look over the information to provide you with further suggestions and advice.

We hope the information can be of some help to you.


The Editor

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