Viet Nam should be proud of its record in promoting economic growth and poverty reduction, United Nations resident co-ordinator Pratibha Mehta told Viet Nam News Agency.
The State is expected to pardon more than 18,000 inmates this year. General Nguyen Ngoc Bang, chief of the Police Department for Law Enforcement, spoke with the Labour newspaper about it. amnesty. decision.
Last week, Viet Nam News asked readers, especially expats, to share what made them become book-lovers. The topic was raised after the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism set up a project, worth about VND230 billion (US$10.2 million) to encourage the Vietnamese children to read more. Here are some comments from our readers.
Tran Dac Phu, director of the Preventive Medicine Department, speaks to Viet Nam News Agency about the quality of vaccines under the national programme on immunisation.
The Ministry of Education and Training made a big change this year by combining the national high school graduation and university admission exams. Experts, students and parents have expressed different ideas about the Ministry's decision on the new university application process.
Dao Ngoc Nghiem, President of the Viet Nam Urban Planning and Development Association, spoke to Ha Noi Moi (New Ha Noi) newspaper on what subjects should be covered in the Law on Planning.
Dang Kim Khoi, Acting Director General of the Institute of Policy for Agriculture and Rural Development, spoke to Hai quan (Customs) newspaper about the challenges
Pham Sy Liem, vice president of the Viet Nam Construction Federation, speaks to the newspaper Ha Noi Moi (New Ha Noi) about the need to restructure the real-estate market.
A minimum wage increase would not affect enterprises, General Confederation of Labour vice-president Mai Duc Chinh tells Thoi bao Kinh te Viet Nam (Vietnam Economic Times).
Last week, Viet Nam News asked its readers about their opinions on a recent proposal of Ha Noi police to fine people who wave down so called "snail buses" (rua bo) outside main terminals in big cities. The move aims to deal with the many passenger buses that attempt to fill up with passengers by wandering around the streets instead of moving quickly to their destination.
Deputy Finance Minister Huynh Quang Hai speaks with Nhan Dan (People) newspaper about how the Government has improved tax collection.
Schools should instill passion for career choices

As the university application process ended a few days ago, many complaints were made about the shortcoming of the new model. Top of the list was how high-school students had an intense time trying to get into college.

You Asked ( 21-05-2013)

Dear Editor,There is a rule that decrees a foreigner visiting Viet Nam on a tourist visa cannot legally rent a house and must stay in a hotel.

Planning sector needs much simplification

Over the years, a total of 71 legal documents and ordinances and 73 decrees have been enacted by the National Assembly and the Government to regulate planning in Viet Nam.


Mountains of coal sludge still threat to lives in Quang Ninh Mountains of coal sludge still threat to lives in Quang Ninh

Wiping sweat from his forehead, 36-year-old Trinh Duc Sang took big strides along a road covered with muddy coal sludge and dirt to the place that was his home until just three weeks ago. He climbed a rickety ladder that buckled under his weight to reach his neigh-bour's house overlooking a creek. From there, he crossed into his old home.

Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane

The national flagship carrier Vietnam Airlines held a ceremony on July 2 to receive its first Airbus 350-900 aircraft and announce its upgrade service quality programme and new brand identifying system, marking a major step in bringing the airline into the international arena.

Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam 1    Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam

Pham Ba Lu swore thousands of times that he "would not live under the same sky as the United States".

Mental disorders affect 10% of Viet Nam's population: MoLISA Mental disorders affect 10% of Viet Nam's population: MoLISA

Nearly 9 million people in Viet Nam, or 10 per cent of the population, suffer from mental disorders, including 2.5 per cent with serious mental illnesses under social protection.