One of the two pilots on a doomed Germanwings flight was locked out of the cockpit before the plane crashed in the French Alps, killing 150 people, a source close to the investigation said. Cockpit recordings recovered from the crash site indicated one of the seats was pushed back and the door opened and closed, followed by the sound of knocking, said the source, adding "there was no more conversation from that point until the crash."
The United States is co-ordinating closely with Saudi Arabia and regional allies in the military action against Huthi rebels in Yemen, including providing intelligence and logistical support, the White House said yesterday.
French investigators yesterday searched for the reason why a German Airbus ploughed into an Alpine mountainside, killing all 150 on board including 16 teenagers returning from a school trip to Spain.
Venezuela alleged Tuesday that Spain's former socialist prime minister Felipe Gonzalez had joined a plot of ultraconservatives to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro's embattled government.Leftist Maduro, whose country is in economic freefall after adopting a government-run economy while oil prices slide, said the leftist Spanish statesman had signed up with a group of far-right plotters in Spain, Colombia and the United States.
As tensions mount in the central African nation of Burundi ahead of presidential elections, journalists and activists say they are paying an increasingly heavy price as standard bearers for free speech.
Jet crashes in Alps, 148 on board; 'no survivors' expected
A passenger jet carrying 148 people crashed today in the French Alps as it flew from Barcelona to Duesseldorf, authorities said. As search-and-rescue teams raced to the remote region, France's president warned that no survivors were expected.
Two Indonesian intelligence officers were found shot dead today, a day after being kidnapped by gunmen in the former separatist rebel heartland of Aceh in the country's west, a military spokesman said.
India's top court on struck down a controversial law that made posting "offensive" comments online a crime punishable by jail, after a long campaign by defenders of free speech.
Tributes pour in from all over the world hailing Mr Lee Kuan Yew as visionary leader
Tributes have poured in from world leaders past and present for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, hailing him as a visionary and legendary leader respected all over the world, whose legacy will be remembered by many.
PM Lee Hsien Loong 'grieved beyond words' at Mr Lee Kuan Yew's death
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he was "grieved beyond words" at the death of his father, Singapore's founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who died on Monday morning at the Singapore General Hospital aged 91.
Spain's anti-austerity Podemos party on Sunday took third place in a regional vote in Andalusia seen as a crucial test for the political newcomer ahead of the country's most unpredictable general election in decades.
TransAsia Airways plane crashes in typhoon-hit Taiwan, killing 47

A TransAsia Airways turboprop plane crashed on its second attempt at landing during a thunderstorm on an island off Taiwan on Wednesday, killing 47 people and setting buildings on fire, officials said.


Experts slam failure to save old trees Experts slam failure to save old trees

Distinguished scientists and experts in the field of urban planning raised many challenges at a conference yesterday to review Ha Noi's urban tree planning.

Whistleblowers to be rewarded up to US$160,000 1    Whistleblowers to be rewarded up to US$160,000

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Government Inspectorate have issued a joint circular announcing that whistleblowers will be rewarded up to VND3.4 billion (US$160,000).

Daewoo founder seeks to inspire youth Daewoo founder seeks to inspire youth

As you get older, you spend hours regretting each minute you wasted in your youth, which flies by.

IZ firms find pollution controls too expensive IZ firms find pollution controls too expensive

Many companies in industrial zones claim they lack capital to introduce equipment to save energy and lessen emissions.

Caves in Quang Binh will soon echo with the sounds of runners Caves in Quang Binh will soon echo with the sounds of runners

Quang Binh, home of the biggest cave in the world, Son Doong, is offering visitors treks, caving tours and a race.