Petrol price hike follows global market
 The adjustment in the selling price of petroleum has stirred a controversy, especially in its transparency though it has become more flexible.
Less reliance on foreign imports
Viet Nam is a developing country, and it has lacked equip-ment and materials to improve infrastructure to develop a market for domestic consumption and exports because it lacked local suppliers.
Credibility critical for VN's economic future
Viet Nam's economy has been stable for the first half of the year with a GDP growth rate of 5.18 per cent and inflation at 1.38 per cent.
Electric bikes need regulation
Introduced to Viet Nam only 4-5 years ago in major cities, the popularity – and availability – of electric bikes has exploded nationwide over the last two years.
The process of equitisting 432 State-run enterprises (SOEs) has been targeted for completion by 2015. However, many difficulties still remain that need to be dealt with so the process can be competed as scheduled.
Provinces seek high quality investment
Viet Nam recently issued many preferential policies to attract foreign investors. However, to boost foreign investment and attract quality projects, the nation should adopt selective policies that tally with investors' demands.
Gov't loans to support East Sea fishermen
The resource-rich East Sea is tense due to China's illegal placement of the Haiyang Shiyou-981 oil rig in Viet Nam's exclusive economic zone and continental shelf.
Nguyen Duc Kien, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly's Economic Committee, spoke to Vietnam News Agency about draft amendments to the Laws on Enterprises and Bankruptcy.
The Ministry of Finance is planning to impose annual cap prices on dairy products for children this month after getting the Prime Minister's approval.
The recovery signals of international and domestic economies over the first few months of this year have yet to solve difficulties that the Vietnamese steel industry has encountered especially in finding outlets for products.
Chartered accountants abide by code of ethics
Martin Turner, president of the Association of Chartered Certified Account-ants Global, shares his views with Viet Nam News on the code of ethics and standards in accounting as well as career orientation and professional development in the fields of accounting and auditing.


Chinese drilling rig pulled out of Vietnam's waters Chinese drilling rig pulled out of Vietnam's waters

At 6:30pm on July 16, China's oil rig Haiyang Shiyou – 981 was 41 nautical miles from its previous position and out of Viet Nam's exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, about 163 nautical miles southwest of China's Hainan island, reported the Viet Nam Coast Guard High Command.  

School closed for torturing autistic students School closed for torturing autistic students

City authorities have shut down an illegal school for autistic children after it was found to be torturing its students.

Teachers question city's proposal to use e-books 1    Teachers question city's proposal to use e-books

E-books would replace printed textbooks in the first to third grades in HCM City for the upcoming schools year under a new proposal, the vice chairman of the city People's Committee Hua Ngoc Thuan has said.

Beer plant left unfinished Beer plant left unfinished

A beer plant under construction in the centre of Ha Tinh City has become a pasture for local residents to graze oxen.

Noi Bai unveils first sleeping pods Noi Bai unveils first sleeping pods

Vietnam Airlines Tourism Company (VATC ) has installed the first ever sleeping pods in Noi Bai International Airport to serve the passengers.